Internet Services

The importance of Internet Connectivity has grown considerably due to the increased acceptance and rapid adoption of Cloud Services.

Match your Requirements with one of our Internet Connectivity Solutions

advanced WAN connectivity



Fibre Leased Line



from £35 per month
Up to 24Mbps


from £25 per month

Fibre Leased Line

Flexible High Speed Option up to 1Gbps

Boost business productivity and efficiency

Our products are suitable for site-to-site connectivity, a direct route to the Internet or as part of a Hybrid deployment.


Fibre to the Cabinet

Super Fast Broadband

We can offer speeds of either 40Mbps (download) / 10Mbps (upload) or 80Mbps (download) / 20Mbps (upload).

keep your business connected

Reliable Robust Connection

A Fibre Leased Line not only provides the increased reliability but also the flexibility to increase speeds at any time.
wires-only or managed router

Deployment Options

Whether you have In-House IT Expertise or not, we have an option available that will suit your requirements.
low latency connection to other ISPs

Network Peering

Through the LINX network, we are able to provide low latency peering to many ISPs and VoIP Providers.
flexibility you need

Static Block of IP Addresses

We provide a static block of 2, 4 or 8 IP Addresses as standard with all our Broadband Circuits.

Advanced Internet Solutions

Distributed and Complex Networks

If your requirements are greater than a single connection, or you just need someone to talk to, feel free to get in contact and have a chat with one of experienced Pre-Sales Engineers.